Traditional boat building, a dying art

The Eo river estuary is a paradise for lovers of wooden boats and traditional sailing. Want to know more ?  Traditional wooden boats-Tony Haslett

The tradition of building Latin sailboats is only surviving at Astilleros Pacho, in El Esquilo, in the heart of the Ria del Eo. The engine came and the Latin sailing boats, unique in the world, live a slow death like pleasure boats. When they close this shipyard, without succession, they will become museum pieces. They are the remains of the tradition … Behind them, it will not remain the successor of an art that began with the great-grandfather of the current artisans.


The first boat of the estuary is not even known when it began to sail … it is spoken of 500 years of antiquity. Today, little of that tradition remains … only a few nostalgic ones are reluctant to let go of this beautiful hobby that gives color to the days in the estuary.


Fancy sailing a traditional lateen rigged bote ? You´ve come to the right place. You can also hire a little boat with an outboard motor for a day´s fishing or a putter around the estuary, or try your hand at canoeing or kayaking.


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