Finisterre in Asturias is called Figueras

Figueras is the last town on the Asturian coast before entering to the neighbour Galicia. Figueras is a funny little place. Another small town on the ría, this one is dominated by a massive shipyard, which fuels the local economy. Always heaving with activity, it’s astonishing to see the monsters that come sliding down the slipway at regular intervals, from huge platform supply vessels to tugs, research vessels and even tall ships.

690 2 2.jpg

9350406 2 3.jpg

We had a real treat a couple of years ago, watching the launching and sea trials of the Royalist, the Marine Society and Sea Cadets’ flagship. Figueras itself is a lovely little town, with a maze of streets full of interesting old houses built in the traditional style. The footpath joining Figueras and Castropol takes you along the ría and some of its more secluded creeks and beaches, with great views of the majestic Donlebun palace, the old tide mill and the tiny little Esquilo hamlet.

Donlebún Palace
Old tide mill
Old tide mill from another view
Views from Figueras harbour, with Ribadeo in front



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