The art of fishing

In Figueras there are only two fishermen who actually make a living from fishing, Juan and Bane. Today I went out with them so see how it’s done.

The local fishermen still use pots or creels, one of the oldest and most traditional types of fishing gear. In this case, the pot consists of a baited net cage in triangular form with an aperture where the catch enters; once inside it is trapped and can’t get out again. Here is Asturias we call them “sleeping pots” because they are always in the water, being raised once every 24 hours and then thrown back in the same place or somewhere else.

Off Castropol, fishermen used to catch octopus, spider crabs, lobster and velvet swimcrabs. Now they have go further afield.

So, it was up bright and early for me! We left Figueras aboard “Habanerin” at 6:30 am, steaming back into the harbour at 11, loaded with about 30kg of octopus and 5 kg of spiders and velvet swimmers, the highly prized “necoras” or “andaricas” as they are known in Asturias.

fisherman inside a fishing boat in the harbour, north of Spain, Asturias, Figueras


Sunrise out at sea was truly spectacular. The morning passed very quickly as there was loads to do helping Bane and Juan haul the octopuses out of the pots and then baiting them again. I learned a ton of stuff about a trade that was completely unknown to me, so all in all a very educational morning!


fisherman in the boat replacing the bait with a seagull above him, north of Spain, Asturias
Bane opening the pots
seagulls waiting for some fish and fisherman replacing bait, north of Spain, Asturias
Seagulls waiting to get some fish bait


fishing boat in the sea, north of Spain, Asturias
Galician boat comes to say hello
fishing boat, north of Spain, Asturias
End of the day for Juan

Once in the port it´s time to weigh the fish and sell them

fishing market, north of Spain, Asturias
Locals waiting to buy some fish

Thanks Bane and Juan for an unforgettable day !!

If you want to see how close we were to the coast pulling the pots

Bane placing the bait



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