Wine tasting at the vicarage…

Last week a group of us got together for an evening of wine tasting in a beautiful old vicarage, complete with chapel, lovingly restored by a British couple who have fallen in love with Asturias. There were 12 of us altogether, quite a mixed bunch: Spanish, English, Irish, Kiwi and Kenyan !

We gathered in the beautiful open porch around a cozy fireplace, where under the expert guidance of our sommelier Maddie, we tasted 11 different Spanish wines, learning about the characteristics of the grapes, the appearance of the wines: their “legs”, what the small bubbles in young wines mean, how to smell and identify the intensity, youth and maturity of the different wines we tasted, enhancing our understanding of taste and texture.


Maddie, English and now living in Galicia, proved to be a fantastic teacher and by the end of the session, we were all swirling and twirling the wine in our tasting glasses, smelling and then swishing the wine around our mouths to release the aromas, identifying a surprising range of flavours.


Entertaining and instructive, a great time was had by all and we’re all looking forward to our next rendezvous with Maddie. Fancy joining us?



See below a small video 😉

Wine tasting at the vicarage



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